St. Martin is perfect for diverse industry segments!

St. Martin offers the perfect setting for manufacturing, due to accessible raw materials and customers, coupled with a pro-business community and skilled workforce. 


St. Martin has a lengthy history of agriculture. Today, a healthy agrifood supply chain industry exists in the area. Agriculture and aquaculture play a significant role in the economy of the parish, with sugar cane being the major commercial agricultural crop and crawfish being the major aquacultural crop. 

manufacturing imageManufacturing

St. Martin has a thriving manufacturing economy, crossing over several industrial segments. Food manufacturing is an excellent example of a thriving industry segment. Existing companies in the pepper and catfish processing industries employ hundreds of people. St. Martinville is home to Cajun Chef and Peppers, which supplies hot sauce served around the world.  Catfish companies like Guidry’s Catfish of Henderson raise catfish on site, although many originally sourced directly from the Atchafalaya basin. A wonderful synergy exists between the catfish industry and rice production. Rice is grown and the patties are flooded to farm the catfish. Both industries have given rise to the need for cold storage suppliers. 

Industrial equipment and metal manufacturing has recently taken a foothold in the parish as well. The parish recently received an influx of jobs with a $73 million investment by SafeSource Direct for the development of a new 400,000-square-foot facility for the manufacture of personal protective equipment.

Many companies in St. Martin flourish in chemical and plastics manufacturing. Businesses like Advanced Plastics Manufacturing in St. Martinville and CCI Piping Systems in Breaux Bridge.

distribution imageDistribution

St. Martin businesses in distribution benefit from the transportation and warehousing resources present. I-10 runs through the northern section of the parish as the fourth-longest interstate in the U.S., connecting California with Florida. Businesses in the southern section of the parish can utilize the north/south I-49 highway. This accessibility to markets both near and far provide a perfect location for large distribution companies such as Amazon.